Mayor Adler explains what's in the $720 million bond proposal

Tomorrow, City Council will hear public comment on the $720 million mobility bond the council recently approved putting on the November ballot.

The bond was brought forward by Mayor Steve Adler.
He says you can look at the bond in three different "buckets."
Bucket number 1: "Smart Corridors."  What's a Smart Corridor?
It basically means improvements to well-traveled Austin roads like North Lamar, Burnet, Riverside and others: like cut-out spots in the road for buses to pull into so traffic can flow freely.  Also improved signal timing.
Bucket number 2: Making improvements to regional "painpoints" like Loop 360, Spicewood Springs, the 620/2222 intersection.
Bucket Number 3: projects like sidewalks, trails and safer bike lanes.

"We want it done in 8 years...what staff tells us is they'll be able to start immediately with some of the components.  The sidewalks will go in really quickly," Adler said.

Some people may not like the sound of this but we're actually losing some travel lanes in some spots in favor of bus lanes...places like Riverside, North Burnet north of 183 and the drag.
The Mayor's office says it makes sense to do that there because buses are clogging up traffic.