Mesa teacher's aide accused of sexually abusing child said he had 'stethoscope fetish,' police say

A 28-year-old teacher's assistant at a Mesa elementary school has been accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old student, police announced Thursday.

Antonio Jordan, an aide at Lehi Elementary, reportedly touched the little girl inappropriately under her shirt after class multiple times.

"The victim detailed that when class ended, Jordan told her to stay behind and pull up her shirt," police said in a statement. "Jordan put his hands under the victim’s shirt and touched her chest."

The girl notified school staff on March 28 about what happened, and officers arrested Jordan the following day.

The 28-year-old reportedly told officers that he had a "stethoscope fetish" and targeted the girl because she was interested in a stethoscope he brought to class.

Officers found videos on his cell phone of him abusing the student on three separate occasions, and all of them involved him touching the 9-year-old's chest.

Jordan faces three counts of sexual abuse.

Lehi Elementary School: