GOP looks to take back Senate, House in upcoming Midterm Elections

The GOP hopes to take back the Senate and House in the upcoming midterm elections, and they are releasing their new plan called The Commitment to America.

The plan's highlights include inflation, border security and protecting women's sports. But that's not all. 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy inadvertently released some details of the GOP's plan that has Democrats and pro-choice advocates concerned. There is wording about protecting the rights of unborn children, which has many insiders convinced that Republicans will push for a national abortion law.

Political consultant Sonia Van Meter and James Dickey, president of JD Kee Communications, join FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren to discuss.

MIKE: Sonia, did McCarthy let the cat out of the bag here?

Sonia: On abortion. I don't think McCarthy let anything out of the bag. I think Lindsey Graham went ahead and took care of that himself early as earlier this week when he stated very clearly that another two years of Democratic leadership, there would be no chance for a GOP 15 week abortion ban. But, you know, that's that's sort of the final matter is McCarthy is on a bit of a losing streak. He's lost the race in New York, 19, to a Democrat that was never supposed to be favored. He lost the congressional seat in Alaska. And it's been the first time a Democrat has held that seat since Nixon was president.

MIKE: And James Dickey talking about this national abortion law. Is that something GOP is going to use to try and motivate evangelicals for the midterms? 

JAMES: I think it's an important thing they should do because the Democrats have made it clear that they want to put in a national law that will not protect any kids. And if you look at Democratic leaders like Barreto, you cannot name any scenario under which he would actually agree that the baby should not be killed up to the very second of coming down the birth canal. So with that kind of extremism on the Democrat side, it is reasonable that the Republicans have realized that, yes, we have to fight this out in the legislatures and that includes the federal legislature. But clearly, as you look at the commitment to America, they're focused on, and we are focused on the things the voters are focused on, and that is the insane increase in the cost of living since the Biden administration went and the horrible policies here, the incredibly millions of additional people coming across the border, including known terrorists.

MIKE: You know, still talking about this abortion issue, Sonia. I mean, this may be oversimplifying it, but on one side, you're hoping that suburban women will come out in force. On the other side, Republicans hoping that evangelicals will come out in force. Which side is going to win as far as turnout?

Sonia: I think both sides are highly motivated. I think turnout is going to be deeply, deeply impressive given that this is a midterm election. But I will say, in unprecedented spending on this issue, on the Democratic side across the country, Texas, but have already spent, I think it's $124 million on ads center in the cycle. That's more than twice what the party has invested in. Any Democrats who spent 20 times what they did on the subject in the House in 2018.

MIKE: Okay, James Dickey, which side's going to turn out more for the vote, you think? 

JAMES: Well, the side that's going to turn out more is the side that agrees that with reasonable limitations, in fact, that the 15-week limit on abortion nationwide would put us three weeks behind every country in Europe. And a supermajority of even Democrats agree that a limitation like that would be reasonable. So regardless of who turns out this election, everyone is feeling the pain at the pump, the pain in their paycheck, the pain in the grocery store. They're feeling the failed leadership of the Democrats, and it will cost the Democrats.

MIKE: Quick answer to the last question. What other issue is going to really turn out the voters? 

Sonia: I'm going to say the grid. I know that Texans would really, really like their lights to stay on the grid.

MIKE: James Dickey, what other issue is going to turn people out?

JAMES: Crime and public safety. Too many Democrats have allowed too many murderers to repeat their evils.

MIKE: All right. Well, the election's coming. We're out of time, thank you both very much.