Minneapolis sign claims Eagles fans can have "free beer" thrown at them

Eagles fans, including members of the FOX 29 staff, were greeted in Minneapolis with a little bit of sarcasm in response to events that transpired before and during the Eagles NFC Championship win over the Minnesota Vikings last weekend.

As Philadelphians began flocking to Minneapolis, some encountered a sign outside of what appears to be a bar that reads, “Eagles fans: stop in and have a free beer thrown at you.”

The sign was posted in the window of Truth Bar Minneapolis, which is described on their website as “a shared space where members — employees, clients and special guests of Kruskopf & Company (KC) — are welcome to come work or have meetings or host events.”

The description goes on to add, “Basically, we figured the last thing the world needed was another conference room. So we built a bar.”

So at the end of the day, it sounds like nobody is getting free beer, one way or another. Perhaps another Minneapolis bar is offering beer for just $3.87 to represent the Eagles dominating 38-7 win over the Vikings.