Missed connection post made after shelter dog's encounter

If you've ever been on Craigslist you may be familiar with the "missed connections" category.  Well, a dog made a special connection with a visitor at a local animal shelter and he's hoping that person will come back  and, adopt him.

Thursday, two-year old Guinness had a visitor who left an impression on him.

“She had him out, they took a walk around, spent time together,” said Misty Valenta who is Community Programs Coordinator at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

But the lady had to think about adoption, so she left her information on a post it note and gave it to a staff member. As cute as he is, Guinness wouldn't be available long.

“Another family came forward very interested in Guinness and they took him on Friday and she came back for Guinness on Saturday,” said Valenta.

She was just one day off.  So, the woman left disappointed.

Little did she know, the other family returned Guinness shortly after, because of an allergy issue at home.

The shelter misplaced the post it note with the mystery woman's information, so they could not call her back.

“This woman doesn't know that Guinness is here waiting for her,” said Valenta.

So they and Guinness took to Facebook to post a heartfelt missed connection note. He says in part "You were a lovely blonde woman who was thinking of adopting. You needed to think about it, something I really respect. Dear nice blonde lady, if you still want to adopt me I'm here."

“Guinness doesn't have a voice, he doesn't have a computer, so I lent my voice and my computer to him and spoke on his behalf,” said Valenta.

The shelter believes they may have a lead from  the visitor sign in book at the front desk, but there is no phone number or email listed. They are hoping this mystery "nice, lovely blonde lady" as Guinness calls her, can return and pick up this chipper young fellow.

“This isn't just some passing glance, this is talking about a forever family. We think there was a real connection here,” said Valenta.

The shelter did reach out to the woman they believe it was, on Facebook. They are awaiting her response.