‘Missing Persons Unit’ star opens up for Women’s History Month: ‘I love being a woman’

In honor of Women’s History Month, actress and FOX star Dania Ramirez is sharing the encouragement she received to become an undefined and multi-dimensional woman.

"I love being a woman. I love the power that comes within that," the "Missing Persons Unit" star shared in FOX’s special "My Story."

Ramirez, 44, revealed her inspiration came from her grandmother who gave birth to 12 children, which included 10 women. 

"The emotional ones, the determined ones, the ones that are just really nurturing," Ramirez said of the women. "After having my children, I realized I didn’t have to just pick one thing. I can be all of those things." 


Dania Ramirez in the "Buss 447" premiere episode of "Alert: Missing Persons Unit." (Credit: Katie Yu/FOX)

The actress, known for other films and television series including "X-Men: The Last Stand," "American Reunion" and "Heroes," is married to movie director Bev Land and has two children.

"That’s what I really love about being a woman, knowing that I can be a mother, that I can be a wife, that I can be a boss, and I don’t have to choose one," she continued.

She added, "And I don’t have to allow someone to define that for me. It all came from my grandmother."


 Dania Ramirez and Ryan Broussard in the premiere episode. (Credit: Katie Yu/FOX)

According to FOX Entertainment, "My Story" are multi-cultural video pieces aimed at illuminating the truth that history is made in the everyday moments we live. Last month, FOX celebrated Black History Month with a video piece featuring Anthony Anderson.

Now Ramirez stars in "Alert: Missing Persons Unit," a procedural drama set in the Philadelphia Police Department’s MPU. Each episode features a life-or-death search for a missing person headed by Jason Grant (Scott Caan) and Mikki Batista (Ramirez). 

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In the second season, which premieres Tuesday, the MPU team steps into a new office headquarters, where Jason and Nikki meet their new boss, Inspector Hollis Braun (Gil Bellows).

Season 2 of "Alert: Missing Persons Unit" premieres March 5 on FOX.

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