'We have to bring our baby home': Husband of missing Spring Branch woman speaks out

It has been 10 days since 45-year-old Spring Branch woman Shana DiMambro was reported missing by her husband. 

On Tuesday, July 19, Chris Antos says he left the couple’s RV for work around 7 a.m. 

"When I left I asked [DiMambro] if she would just do some laundry that day while I was gone," Antos said. He added, "I could see a little sadness in her eyes but, you know, there was some depression stuff that she was fighting." 

Antos says DiMambro had not received medical attention for depression — explaining the couple relied "on God" for help.

Antos says he stopped home for lunch later that day. He discovered DiMambro’s cigarettes and a cup of water outside on the porch. 

"Nothing was knocked over, everything was upright." 

Inside the couple’s RV Antos says he located his wife’s phone plugged in charging. He also found her wallet along with her bible and notes out on the kitchen table. Her Redbone Coonhound-German Shepherd-mix, Maisie, was out of her kennel — something he noted was unusual. 

He immediately felt something was wrong. Antos says his wife, who did not work, seldom left the RV without him. 

"She could go out and socialize. She wasn’t — it wasn’t her favorite thing in the world to do," he said. "If we went somewhere we went together, you know?" 

Abel Peña, a retired FBI agent who now runs missing persons non-profit Project Absentis says it is too early to know if foul play is involved. 

"Spiritual warfare was definitely something she battled with you know, she was a recovering addict. It was a long time ago, but she battled some spiritual warfare. We’re both just trying to put our past behind us and become better Christians and stay on the right path," said Antos. 

Peña says the last time DiMambro was seen by someone outside her household was on July 14 or 15. 

"She described her demeanor as she was looking down and maybe even a little down," he said. 

Saturday morning a search for DiMambro will take place. Searchers will stage in the Walmart parking lot at 305 Singing Oaks, Bulverde at 8 a.m. 

"Our faith is that Shana’s somewhere safe and peaceful and we’re gonna keep that faith until we know more so I don’t have a choice, what am I supposed to do? I have to fight," cried Antos. 

DiMambro is 5’6 and 140 pounds. She was last seen wearing a white v-neck shirt, pink shorts and black flip-flops. 

Anonymous tips can be made at 726-777-1359.