Mom crashes into CapMetro bus under the influence with 1-year-old in back seat

On Saturday June 22nd, around 7 in the evening the Austin Police Department received a call about a crash in southeast Austin.

But it wasn't your typical fender bender.

APD says 24-year-old Ana Gamez-Herrera was driving a red Chrysler 300 when she crashed head on with a CapMetro bus at the intersection of Salt Springs Road and East William Cannon Drive. 

Her 1-year-old daughter was in the back seat.

According to court paperwork APD says they were driving and noticed debris at the Salt Springs and East William Cannon intersection in front of the bus. They found the bumper, but no driver.

They followed the trail of debris toward Salt Springs Drive. The officer says he saw car fluid along the road, leading all the way down Salt Springs, west on Asa, and north on Rhett Place which is about a half a mile apart in distance. 

They found the driver Herrera sitting outside her sister's home. Once they found Herrera and her car, police say her eyes were red and glassy, she had a bloody nose, messy hair with a very red face and smelled like alcohol. 

So did her Chrysler 300. APD says the inside of the front the car was covered in blood and the child's car seat in the back of the vehicle was out of place. They say this makes them believe Herrera's daughter was inside the car when the crash happened. 

Police also found a half empty bottle of Hennessy and an empty can of Modelo. 

The driver of the CapMetro bus says Herrera was driving at a high speed and tried to make a turn, before she collided with the bus. 

EMS took Herrera to the hospital where they drew blood, and they arrested her that night for DWI with a child passenger and leaving the scene of a collision. She was charged the next day for driving while intoxicated.

Court paperwork doesn't specify if the child had any injuries but when police asked why Herrera left the scene she says she was scared.

You can see the full court paperwork on the incident here (page 1) and here (page 2).