Mom spends up to 50 hours crocheting amazing Halloween costumes including ‘Alien,’ ‘Pennywise’

Need inspiration for the perfect Halloween costume? You might want to take notes from this Ohio mom who is taking the internet by storm with her elaborate crocheted costumes, including a glow-in-the-dark Xenomorph that she said can take anywhere between 30 and 50 hours to make.

Viral crochet sensation Stephanie Pokorny said what started as a whim has now blossomed into a tradition.

“I have been crocheting for them for a very long time, and in the past four years we started the costumes,” said Pokorny.

She said the “Alien” costume took her about 45 hours over the course of 2 weeks.

While observers are left in awe of Pokorny’s creations, it seems to come naturally to her. She said she would watch her grandma make small lap blankets to donate to their local veteran’s hospital when she was growing up. Pokorny learned the craft herself when she was 16.

“I put it down for a while, but when I was pregnant with my first son, all the instincts kicked in and I was compelled to make things for him," said Pokorny.

Those looking to purchase the incredible pieces may need to consider picking up the hobby themselves, because unfortunately, the costumes are not for sale.


Stephanie Pokorny says she spends up to 50 hours crocheting these incredible Halloween costumes.

“The costumes are strictly our fun outlet tradition and I never document how I make them in any way, so they are truly just labors of love for the boys and to create a tradition with them,” said Pokorny.

“A lot of people ask if they can buy and such, but no way,“ she added. ”I actually leave them out all year long and let them play in them as they wish, so sometimes I take my child as Pennywise to the park to swing.“

But those looking to be the next crochet master can purchase designs from Pokorny.

“For most of the year, I design crochet items (coats, sweaters and smaller-scale costumes) and then sell individual PDF patterns other crocheters will purchase from me and make their own items,” said Pokorny.