Moorestown man runs holding American flag to help lift spirits during COVID-19

A man has been running throughout Moorestown, New Jersey, holding an American flag to lift spirits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"When I thought about the best way to really honor our heroes and motivate people I thought just running with the flag would really help that," John Sully told FOX 29. "I've been really impressed with the community and how people have reacted." 


He says it’s amazing the strength the flag gives you and to those that see it.

"It does bring a lot of emotion. It really does," Sully said.

The community’s reactions and the flag fuel him and that’s because patriotism is part of who he is and his family.

"You know one of the first things you learn is that respect and that pride for the flag and it just is always giving me goosebumps thinking about," he explained. "My dad served, our son is in his second year at West Point, so enormous amount of pride for our country and our military."

When he’s carrying the stars and stripes, he wants to motivate just one person to have a better day and then do it again the next day. He will continue to run until it’s time to fly the flag for a victory.

"There’s a certain gleam in their eye and a smile that says we are going to get this. We are going to beat this and we are going to be okay. It’s a big reason I keep pushing myself to do this," Sully added.


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