More mosquitoes in Central Texas due to recent weather

If you've been spending some time outdoors you may have noticed that mosquitoes are everywhere right now. Central Texas has been getting so much rain that even the smallest pools of water are proving to be great breeding grounds for mosquitoes, especially in Hutto.

Hutto city crews are spraying down hot spot areas to stop mosquitoes from breeding. They've been spraying for the last few days and plan on spraying tonight around midnight.

They'll spray near parts of Hutto Park between Roznovak and Saul Streets, Old Town from FM 1660 North towards Cottonwood Creek as well as the Creekside and Creekbend subdivisions from FM 1660 South towards Cottonwood Creek.

Hutto has seen elevated levels of mosquitoes since the Memorial Day floods.

While no mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile virus, the city still wants to bring the population down to a normal range.

The insecticide Williamson County officials are spraying with is called "Permanone".

It can take down mosquitoes, gnats and blackflies.

It also has a very low concentration and poses no known health risk.

Officials are still asking people to bring pets, pet food, and children's toys inside as an extra precaution.

Many people FOX 7 spoke with in Hutto say they agree that the mosquitoes are extra bad this year.

The City of Hutto reminds people that you can "Fight the Bite" using the 4 D's:

  • Stay indoors at Dawn and Dusk
  • Dress in long sleeves
  • Drain standing water in flower pots and clogged gutters
  • Use DEET when spending time outside.

Other cities in Central Texas are also seeing high mosquito numbers.

The City of Austin says for now it won't be spraying but it is asking residents to get rid of any standing water on their property, as it takes just a tablespoon of water for mosquitoes to breed.