More than $300,000 in stolen checks recovered by Kyle police, two people arrested

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The Kyle Police Department says it recovered more than $300,000 in stolen checks after a recent welfare check on the occupants in a suspicious vehicle. It resulted in the arrest of two people who police say stole the checks along with about a dozen credit cards.

Officers responded to the call at the Stripes located at 7809 Camino Real in east Kyle at about 4 a.m. on June 4.

Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett says in a news release that a person had called about a pickup in the parking lot which had been there "a long time and the occupants appeared passed out."

Officers did the welfare check and found a man and a woman. The man was recognized by one of the officers as having an outstanding. Chief Barnett says that when the man was asked to step out of the truck an officer found a pipe with brown residue in the man's pocket.

Police say the woman told officers there was crystal meth in the truck as well. Officers found 3.6 grams in the truck along with $1,000 cash.

Chief Barnett says during the inventory of the truck's contents, which is standard procedure, officers found several bags of mail in the truck. The mail was from different people and different addresses in several cities including Cedar Creek, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos and Austin.

The individuals have been identified as 30-year-old Joshua McGlasson and 27-year-old Melissa Moncada. Both were arrested and are in the Hays County Jail.

Officers confirmed one of the recovered stolen credit cards was used at a Lowe's.

Chief Barnett says they are reaching out to victims.