More than 75,000 people are expected to attend ACL 2019

The annual music festival began in 2002. It will take place in Zilker Park for the next two weekends. 

 Shows kicked off Friday night with headliner Guns N’ Roses. 

People travel from around Texas to enjoy the music festival.  Monica Arguello says she drives from San Antonio to the festival each year. “The community it’s just so happy, it’s just, everybody comes together to be as one. It’s just such a happy place.” she said. 
According to attendees, the festival is fun but also a hot place to be. Coming out of a September with record-breaking heat, organizers are trying to prevent festival-goers from dangerous side-effects caused by high heat. An ACL spokesperson tells FOX 7 Austin, they have added additional shaded areas, and hydration stations this year. 

Dr. Ryan McCorkle is an emergency room doctor at St. David's medical center downtown. He says every year during ACL, they see an increase in emergency room visits.The main reason: dehydration. "That's our biggest reason for people visiting - is dehydration, heat injury. And, dehydration a lot of times has to do with overconsuming of alcoholic beverages at the festival, starting early, going too hard  and, not realizing alcohol actually dehydrates you ." Dr. McCorkle said. 

Dr. McCorkle recommends drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. To avoid heat-related injury, he recommends being responsible with sunscreen, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and taking lots of breaks in the shade.