Mother claims teacher fractured her son's arm, APD investigating

Last Tuesday, an East Austin mother, who will remain anonymous, picked up her son from Oak Springs Elementary, and discovered something unusual.

“He came down the hallway crying, and I asked what he was crying for. He said the teacher smashed his arm in the elbow, on purpose,” she said.

Frantic, she spoke with the accused teacher.

“He called trying to tell me what my son did, which was not following directions,” she said.

She said she then asked the teacher if he smashed the boy's arm and he said ‘no. ‘
She thinks it's possible the teacher became impatient, while working with her son, who has special needs.

“You don't hurt anybody's child because you're frustrated. If you're that frustrated, you need to contact the mother,” she said.

This mom said the next day, when her third-grader returned to school, the teacher apologized to the boy, saying he didn't mean to hurt him.

“Which one did you do? Did you do it or did you not do it?” she said.

The nine-year-old had to be treated for a small fracture in his arm, which had some fluid build-up.  Austin police paid the family a visit and have opened an investigation.

“I didn't do a lot of talking. They were asking my son questions,” she said.

Fox 7 Austin contacted Austin ISD, and they said they have opened an investigation and cannot comment any further. For this mom, she hopes , if the allegations are true, that the teacher is penalized.

“I don't play behind mine. I don't,” she said.

She decided to withdraw her son from the school on Tuesday.