Mother still waiting for answers a year after her son's death

Eunice Prieto remembers her 27-year-old son Armando Mascorro as a kind and caring person, despite his struggles.

"I could tell you my son was 27 and had a drug addiction problem and was dealing with that. But he was a friendly person," she said.

On Sept. 1, 2020 he died while in custody of Bastrop County Sheriff's deputies. "They couldn't tell me what happened to him but that he had passed away," said Prieto.

That day, there was suspicion that he stole the car he was riding in. So deputies chased him. "He left the road, went through a ditch and perhaps through a fence," said Robert Ranco, with DC Law.

The hospital report states that Mascorro was running from police, and was tased. He laid unresponsive until EMS arrived to take him to the hospital where he died of cardiopulmonary arrest. Ranco is concerned there is no mention of the taser incident in the police report at all.

"It's very possible this was a stolen vehicle. It's very possible that he maybe should have faced some criminal charges. We are not here to dispute that. But fleeing from police officers, having an altercation with police officers shouldn't lead to a death sentence," said Ranco.

Ranco has not filed a lawsuit, but on behalf of Prieto, is simply seeking answers.

"His death certificate, under cause of death is still says pending. We are 14 months into this. What could possibly still be pending?" said Ranco.

"If my son did have a heart attack it was because he was tased. My son was healthy. He would be alive, whether it was in a hospital or jail," said Prieto.

"A lot of law enforcement agencies across the country are trending in a much better direction leading to more transparency. Here they are bucking that trend with vigor," said Ranco.

Ranco is hoping the office can supply them with body camera footage in addition to a better explanation of what happened. FOX 7 Austin reached out to the BCSO and the sheriff declined to comment on the case.

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