Family of woman killed after motorcycle crash with deer speaks out

A motorcycle crash involving a deer killed a couple in Williamson County earlier this month. Both Jimmy Thompson and Maggie Haynie died in the crash.

Maggie’s family says she was a loving mom searching for a cure for her daughter’s deadly illness.

"I’m going to remember Maggie through treasuring every moment of every day," said John Demitchell, brother of Maggie Haynie.

According to her family, Maggie Haynie was a driven woman who was in the process of finishing up her masters for social work and an avid runner qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.

"She was just a really cool sister," said Demitchell.

A cool sister, but Demitchell says she was an even better mother to her 9-year-old daughter Emmy.

"They were exceptionally close," he said.

He says Maggie was her daughter’s full time caregiver because Emmy has a deadly heart disease along with being diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Maggie was active in finding a cure for the rare disease, and she always had the support of her family. The day before she passed, she attended her twin brother’s wedding.

"It was a shock to the system and, honestly, I don't know that any of us have fully processed the loss that we've gone through," said Demitchell.

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According to DPS, Maggie and her boyfriend Jimmy Thompson were riding on a motorcycle early October when they struck a deer. Thompson was driving the motorcycle and lost control.

"I think probably in the past moments, he was thinking, ‘how do I protect Maggie?’ I mean, he was just one of those guys," said Demitchell.

Thompson died on scene. Maggie died later at the hospital.

"When we got [at the hospital], it was a matter of giving us time to say goodbye more than anything," said Demitchell.

A hard goodbye, but Demitchell says it’ll be hard to forget his sister, especially that laugh of hers.

"She had this really, like, goofy, almost sounded like a cartoon character laugh and I will miss that all the time," he said.