Motorcycle rider speaks out after hit and run on Mopac

A motorcyclist is hoping cameras used to bill you for using toll roads will identify the driver who hit him.

Austin Donner was hit from behind while in a northbound Mopac express lane.  When he was hit, his body slid across the road tearing up not only his clothes but skin.

Donner says it started as a quick trip, "I was watching my roommates dog and thought oh let me get some clothes to change in."

Friday ended up being one of the longest nights Donner has ever experienced.

"It could have been worse but glad it wasn't," said Donner.

While riding on the Mopac express lane Donnor said he noticed something off. By the time he could turn his head to see, it was too late.

"I could see the headlights of a Lexus and she just hit the back of me," said Donner.

Donner's body slid across the ground after being hit, his clothes reduced to rags. He said he was lucky none of his bones were broken.

"My arm is showing muscle in two spots,” said Donner. His bike has also seen better days. "

The swing arm is completely destroyed and I think my suspension is kind of messed up too," said Donner.

While Donner sits at home recovering, he's optimistic authorities will find the driver that hit him.

"We were on the toll so it had to have gotten a picture of her because she couldn't take any exit to ignore the camera," said Donner.

One thing Donner says this crash taught him is always be prepared while riding, even if you’re going for a short trip.

"At least try and wear a jacket because I was not wearing one. Wear a helmet, I was wearing a helmet and it took no damage," said Donner

While Donner said this crash shook him up, he is eager to get back on the bike.

APD is investigating the incident.

Donner says he should be mostly recovered in 2 to 3 weeks.