Mug shots released in biker gang shootout

Guns, knives, chains and brass knuckles were all used leaving 9 people dead and 18 in the hospital Monday night.

"I didn't know what was going on at first. I thought there had been a huge car wreck or something. I got up close and all these police officers, the guy sitting, the dead bodies," said Caitlin Cashell, a witness to the incident.

Waco Police say the McLennan County Jail has plenty of space for the 170 people they have arrested in connection with the shooting.

Obviously that's quite a few detainees...but they are being processed and held on million dollar bonds.

Investigators are still trying to determine which of these will be charged with capital murder.

According to court paperwork we obtained for detainee Salvador Campos, these are groups the Department of Public Safety recognizes as criminal street gangs. Even though many are here at the jail, Waco Police are fearing this may not be over. They received reports yesterday of bikers coming into town to defend their brothers. Sgt. Patrick Swanton with Waco PD says several were arrested yesterday afternoon for coming into the crime scene bringing weapons.

"Obviously we're considering that as a viable threat. The potential for that is very real. We're aware of that, we have put out bulletins for officers to be extremely cautious, we have had threats made on law enforcement officers and we feel like we'll be able to handle that if that happens," Swanton said.

Sgt. Swanton says the overpass near Twin Peaks was closed because they didn't want shooters to have the higher ground. And Waco PD says SWAT is still in the Twin Peaks parking lot protecting law enforcement just in case.

To view the court documents of Salvador Campos click here for page one and here for page two.

The franchise owner of Twin Peaks is now claiming they were never told to cancel their event.

The franchise owner sent out a statement saying that police never asked them to cancel a patio reservation made by bikers. When authorities were asked about that, they gave no comment.

"That's part of what we think that they were here as territorial more turf war could have been some recruiting going on as well that's part of what the investigation will determine is why they were here and what started all of this," Sgt. Swanson said.

The TABC has suspended the restaurants liquor license for at least seven days. Officials at twin peaks announced they are revoking the franchise agreement.