Muni board bans tour buses near San Francisco's 'Full House' house

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's Board of Directors approved a ban on commercial vehicles near the so-called 'Full House' house in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood on Tuesday. 

The vote was unanimous and will keep tour buses, or any vehicle with nine or more seats, away from the home on Broderick Street. It would be similar to a ban at Alamo Square Park, another Full House destination. 

The iconic Painted Ladies are seen in the opening credits while the Tanner family has a picnic on the grass.  

Residents claimed the re-boot of the '90s sitcom on Netflix has led to noisy crowds of people blocking streets and driveways. 

Neighbors are also worried about safety because they say people dart across the street to look at the house. 

Some neighbors said they weren't sure a ban is the answer. 

"I think it would help for sure. I don't think it will solve the problem. Traffic really gets backed up particularly on the weekends," said Grant Martin, an area resident. 

"I have not seen a tour bus. These are all private cars, maybe a van, people walking, an Uber dropping folks off. I have not seen a tour bus and I have been walking past here for 17 years twice a day," said Margo Peterson, a neighbor. 

The original creator of the television show owns the home. He has urged people via social media to respect the neighborhood.