Murder suspect turns himself into authorities

A murder suspect who told people he would not be taken in by police has turned himself in. This happened after he led Central Texas law enforcement officers across two counties searching for him.

33 year-old Sergio Jose Gomez-Herrada is accused of killing his girlfriend Francy Martinez.

Martinez’s family says they are now trying to heal. "We want to move forward; we want to do all we can to bring justice to my sister," said Erik Torres, Martinez’s brother.

Torres and his family gathered at his sister's home in southeast Austin where they learned the suspect in his sister's murder turned himself in. "We were relieved that he was caught. In a way we are happy because justice is going to come to him for what he did," said Torres.

Austin police had trouble tracking Gomez-Herrada down as he was considered armed, dangerous and told people he wasn't going to be taken in by police. “He was on the move this week, he did receive help from his family members,” said Austin police Sergeant Eric De Los Santos.

Following the murder on Chaparral Trail, police reported Gomez-Herrada was spotted in a home in western Bastrop County and fled before police arrived.

“He ran out the back, he obtained a ride on one of the back roads. We are trying to figure out if it's someone he called or a passerby that he flagged down,” said Sgt De Los Santos.

Later in the week, police received a tip that Gomez-Herrada was in Manor asking for rides. Then, sometime after, police received another tip he was back in Austin near Candletree Lane, an area just a few blocks away from the murder. “He was inside the residence with family members, and he wasn't allowing those family members to leave,” said Sgt De Los Santos.

As APD sent SWAT, they got a call from the Travis County Correctional Facility of a man looking to turn himself in for a murder warrant. “The family was like this is too much you need to turn yourself in. That's kind of what we think happened,” said Sgt De Los Santos.

While Gomez-Herrada is behind bars, APD reports he is not cooperating with details on the case. “He was given the opportunity to talk to us last night, but he refused,” said Sgt De Los Santos.

As work on the trial begins, Martinez's family said they are ready for justice to be served.

This marks the 24th murder in Austin so far this year. According to APD this is about three more than the amount of murders in Austin around this time last year.



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