National Siblings Day: Is it better to be an older or a younger sibling?

Is it better to be the older sibling, or the younger sibling? We bet we know what each one would say, but in honor of National Siblings Day, we’re taking a look at the advantages of both.

Older siblings might actually be know-it-alls. A study from Norway has shown that, on average, oldest siblings have an IQ that’s 2.3 points higher than the rest of the bunch.

And it’s not just brains. Another study found that the oldest sibling is on average the most ambitious and most successful, too-- meaning it really is better to be a Beyonce than a Solange.

One reason older siblings might be more likely to reach for the stars? They’re taller, literally, with one study showing that younger siblings are on average shorter than their older brothers or sisters.

But it’s not always better to be older. Studies show that younger siblings tend to be funnier and more creative, though we bet some of you older siblings might disagree. 

There is one thing that’s harder to debate: On average, younger siblings live longer.

It probably won’t surprise you to read that younger siblings tend to be more rebellious. That might come from wanting to be different from their older siblings, but it might just come from already being blamed for everything anyway.

Even if they can sometimes be a pain, one thing’s for sure: we wouldn’t be the same without our siblings.