Navy mom surprises daughter in Hutto

Navy Chief Petty Officer Marqueta Grant is home after a seven-month long deployment.

The experienced officer of 22 years, loves her job.

“It teaches life lessons people don't normally get,” said Grant.

But she loves another job, much more, being a mom. Cottonwood Creek Elementary School third grader Christina Zamora was told her mother wouldn't be coming home to Hutto until Wednesday afternoon.  Well Hutto ISD, had other plans

During a lunchtime presentation Tuesday, the Cottonwood Creek principal brought out Christina's mom for a heartwarming reunion.

“I know my baby so well. I know her so well. I just knew she would cry, and the arms would fly up. I anticipated it, “said Grant.

"When she came out of the curtains, I didn't know what to do. I just stopped right there. Then Nana told me to get up and go that's my mom. I was like what? I just started running,” said Zamora.

For Grant, deployment has become a difficult regimen she has gotten used to doing.

“It's hard to be away from the family but I know what I'm doing serves a purpose,” said Grant.

It's hard for mom, but it's even harder for the kids. 

“I feel like she's never coming home and it's really emotional to think about her not coming home. I just really miss my mom,” said Zamora.

“The whole time you're out there you always think, ‘I have to do my best because I have to get home to my family,’” said Grant.

Marqueta Grant will spend two weeks at home, then deploy for the very last time. She will return home for good in August. Her 22 years of service is something her husband, kids, and nation are thankful for.

“She told me to be brave sometimes when she's overseas and to think about something else instead of crying,” said Zamora.