Neighbors work together to rescue dogs in sewer

People in a South Austin neighborhood worked together to rescue two dogs from a sewer.

Friday morning neighbors walking down Crownspoint Drive heard barking coming from a storm drain and saw two dogs inside. They told other people in the area and it turned into a five-hour rescue mission.

Neighbors took turns climbing into the sewer to try and reach the dogs. They also used water, food, treats and anything else they could to coax the pups out, but nothing worked.

"I saw the little one. By the time I got down there she was just laying down there, too far for me to reach out to, and then she ran back to where the other one was and I guess to the other end of the tunnel," said Leah Braswell who helped to save the pups Friday.

Then KB Bartone, who lives in the neighborhood, showed up to let everyone know the dogs have been living in the sewer for a year and she has been feeding them. She said the animals can climb in and out on their own.

"She's actually been in our cul-de-sac since July 5th of last year and it took approximately 11 months for me to even pet her," said Bartone.

Bartone said the animals can climb in and out on their own and, sure enough, after everyone left, one of the dogs climbed out to get some food.