New APD dash camera video shows Halloween Eve flooding

Newly released Austin police dash camera video shows the moment U.S. 183 was overtaken with rapids--trapping drivers during the Halloween eve flood.

On October 30th we watched from the Highway 71 overpass in Southeast Austin as officers rescued drivers who became trapped when floodwater surrounded their vehicles. Now we have the viewpoint of the officers and it's scary.

"We're going to have to get 183 NB shut down. There's cars flooding out," said an officer.

In dash camera video you can see waves going across the roadway. Then as the officer circles around to 183 and Highway 71, water is coming over his hood.

A white vehicle is stuck. Another officer can be seen walking up to it to check on the driver.

We interviewed him that day.

"I was driving and suddenly the car in front of me stopped and then the water started rushing in my car and the engine stopped and that's when I got flooded," said Carl Von Ehren.

The dash camera video captures the moment Von Ehren was walked to safety.

We got video of driver Hilton Knox's rescue from the overpass of Highway 71.

Knox's rescue wasn't easy. The waves were powerful and made it difficult for him to walk. Firefighters tied a rope around his waist so that he wouldn't be washed away.

"It was touch and go for a moment there. I didn't realize the current is so strong," said Knox. "Thank God we have people out here who know what they're doing."

By noon, the water had receded making for a very eerie end to the video.