New Austin bus service rolls out Monday

There's a new option for anyone looking for a way to get from Austin to other major Texas cities.

Shofur, a technology based bus service, will take to the streets Monday.

“We started in Texas because we thought Texas is a great market. You have these cities that are a little too close to fly, but a little too far to drive and we're providing a premium service at a price point where it's economical,” said Armir Harris, CEO of Shofur. 

Those who download the Shofur app will be able to buy a ticket to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Waco.

The buses will make 12 trips each day and tickets cost between $9 and $20.

“So we've aggregated over 400 bus companies across the United States. We pick the best bus companies and the best buses in Texas. Right now, we're operating 12 buses. We hope to have over 80 buses by the end of November on our platform,” said Harris. 

With the touch of a finger passengers can request a ticket, pick their seats and read bus company and driver reviews before jumping on board.

“On the app you can track your bus in real time, so you don't miss your bus or if there's traffic conditions you can get real time updates. Once you get on the bus, each seat has outlets, USB ports and wifi on every bus,” Harris said. 

Once the wheels stop turning, passengers can start providing feedback.

“At the end of the trip, passengers rate the driver and the bus company. Bus companies and drivers have to maintain 4.5 out of 5 stars to be on the platform,” said Harris. 

Besides making bus trips more transparent, the app also helps protect passengers and drivers while they're on the road.

“Our app, one of the major functionalities is that it tracks drivers’ hours, so it ensures drivers don't exceed federal DOT driving limits. One of the major causes of accidents is driver fatigue. Over 90 percent of accidents in Texas have been caused by driver fatigue, so we hope to eliminate one of the major causes of accidents,” Harris said. 

Shofur will be giving away 1,000 free tickets to people who share their social media accounts and, although the company launches in Texas first, they said soon riders will be able to travel to other cities around the country.