New bill introduced to reign in TxDOT billing scandal

The legislation also gives TxDOT an incentive to get things right. Drivers who pay an incorrect bill would get a refund - double the amount of what they paid.

Since the scandal broke last year, TxDOT has tried to fix the problem and in recent weeks the agency claims they've made some good progress. But people, like Araceli Santos, say they are still getting bills late.

"It's not the first time, I actually get one of these probably every other month," said Santos.

Her most recent bill arrived this week for a trip through a toll plaza back in July.

"Its billing me as if I didn't have a TX Tag, and I do have a TX Tag ... It was 50-cents and then they added an additional fee on, so it's just under $5 now."

Typically, Santos says she just pays the faulty bills without a fight. The new legislation - if approved- could make that battle worth fighting.

Representative Dale has also called on the house ethics committee to investigate the contracts TxDOT awarded to do toll road billing. Dale says - for him - it looks like - the state agency was asleep at the wheel. A hearing has been scheduled for March 19th.