North Texas girl inspires new Blue Bell ice cream flavor

Blue Bell ice cream released a new flavor inspired by a North Texas student.

Midlothian teen Madelyn Dodd inspired the strawberry lemonade sherbert.

It's strawberry ice cream swirled with lemonade sherbert, with lemon flavored flakes.

The 13-year-old was inspired while drinking a strawberry lemonade.

Dodd wrote to Blue Bell as a class project pitching her new flavor.

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"I just thought strawberry lemonade sherbert would be a good idea, because it's supposed to be sweet and sour," she said. "I just figured that, and honestly, here we are. I never thought this would happen, but it works and they definitely heard me."

The class project was a way for students to get their voices heard, and each student could write a letter to any company they wanted.