New Buffalo Soldier plaque unveiled by Texas Parks and Wildlife

 In honor of Black History Month, Texas Parks and Wildlife's Buffalo Soldier Program unveiled a new plaque Friday.

The program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Texas Buffalo Soldiers, the first African-American US Army soldiers, wore blue and served during the Spanish-American War and both World Wars.

The soldiers were sent to rural outposts all across Texas and also across the country. Buffalo soldiers helped defend the frontier, protect families, became surveyors and helped build roads, trails, bridges, and forts.

"All Texans be they black, brown, purple, or pink need to understand the purpose of the Buffalo Soldiers.  Many of them fighting and frankly being disregarded by those they were protecting a long time ago," state Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas) said. "But that didn't stop them from protecting those that wouldn't give them shelter. Buffalo soldiers who were pioneers among themselves. Part of our legacy and part of our history as Texans. We must remember that history."

The exhibit is available to the public at the Texas Parks and Wildlife headquarters in Austin throughout 2020. The exhibit will then be moved permanently to the Buffalo Soldier Museum in Houston.