New CapMetro train station at Q2 Stadium almost complete

The new train station at Q2 stadium is just about halfway done. Once it’s complete, CapMetro says the new station will make things much smoother on the Red Line, for both Austin FC fans and commuters.

"It's a big deal," said King Kaul, director of capital projects for CapMetro.

CapMetro says the fast-tracked McKalla Station project, currently under construction right next to Q2 stadium, is currently on time and on budget.

"It's not only for Q2 stadium, it is the residential and commercial and sports facilities that will be using this facility," said Kaul.

The project includes three elements: the station itself, as well as storm water drainage in the area, and double-tracking on the Red Line between US-183 and Gracy Farms.

CapMetro says McKalla Station will be all about capacity. There will be three separate platforms, connected by a pedestrian crossing.

"After the game I'll be able to stage trains so no one have to wait for trains to come down and pick them up," said Muriel Friday, interim vice president of rail operations for CapMetro.

But along with that new capacity come safety considerations—like an inter-track fence to keep people from crossing the tracks, and gates along the platforms to keep people from falling onto the tracks.

The project also includes new "quiet zones" at four railroad crossings near the stadium, where safety enhancements allow conductors to lay off the horns.

"It gives everybody that comfort and peace of mind when they're sleeping at night. So we won’t hear the loud noise and horns blowing throughout the day and at night," said Friday.

The entire project is expected to cost $58.8 million, including $25 million for the train station itself. It’s slated to be done this December, just in time for the 2024 Austin FC season.

"Oh, it's going to be great. It's going to be absolutely great," said Friday.

The first game of the 2023 Austin FC season is this Saturday. For that, fans can get off the Red Line at the nearby Kramer Station. There will be extra trains in service, as well as shuttle buses from Kramer to Q2 Stadium.