New Chesterfield Ave. sidewalk making a difference already

The first sidewalk project from the $720 million mobility bond has been completed.
It's making a big difference for some who live on Chesterfield Avenue. 

Trish Torpey and her 16-year-old son Townes Hobratschk now have a safer way to get to their favorite coffee shop down the street.
Townes was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor last year and he's been in the recovery process.  He's having to use a wheelchair for awhile.
This morning Austin Mayor Steve Adler held a press conference about the new Chesterfield Avenue sidewalk.
It was ranked as a high-priority "absent sidewalk" in last year's sidewalk master plan.
Council Member Casar and Mayor Pro-Tem Tovo were also there this morning because the sidewalk connects District 9 and District 4.           
Townes and his mom say the sidewalk makes all the difference.

"I think it's for one, a lot better for my equipment, like my walker and my wheelchair because the street, you know it's all bumpy, you know it's not really good for the axles on my wheelchair, my walker.  The sidewalk is way smoother," Hobratschk said.

"People need a safe way to be able to get to their transit stops, to be able to have kids in the neighborhood getting towards school, to just walk down the street to get coffee and get to church and that's what this project is all about," said Mayor Adler.

Townes says his final Cancer treatment is coming up next week.      
He's hoping to get back on his feet soon.  And he'll be using that sidewalk.
The City of Austin says the sidewalk used $130,000 of the bond money and more of the sidewalk projects are underway right now.