New Clues in Samantha Dean Murder case found in Court Documents

Court documents obtained by FOX 7 are providing new clues in the murder of a local crisis counselor. Samantha dean was killed this past February in Bastrop County and up until now - no one has been described as an official suspect. The documents do not provide a motive for the murder, they only make mention of the Capital Murder case, but for the first time since the body of Samantha Dean was discovered there's now news of substantial progress being made in the case.

This Harris County arrest warrant, filed May 15th. shows how a jailhouse phone call seems to have provided investigators with the lead they were looking for.

According to the court document, on May 2nd, Kyla Fisk called her boyfriend Kevin Watson, who was in the Harris County Jail at the time, on a drug charge. Watson is heard on the recording asking Fisk to "get rid" of a hoodie that was stained. Fisk responds that she had already "taken care of it." On May 4th, investigators claim Fisk admitted she took a red University of Houston hoodie to a friend's apartment in Houston. The clothing was later recovered. Following that Kyla Fisk was arrested and charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence.

Watson and Fisk may have reason to sweat over that sweatshirt because it seems to provide a major link to the murder of Samantha Dean. In the court documents, Watson is identified as a suspect in a murder occurring in Bastrop County on February 3. The body of Samantha Dean, who was 7-months pregnant at the time, was found by Bastrop deputies on February 4th. With the new information, investigators appear to have a clear path to follow.

On Feb. 3rd, a security camera recorded images of an individual in a red hoodie at a Walmart in the town of Stafford southwest of Houston. The individual, who appears to be Kevin Watson, purchased a pre-paid cell phone. The phone, police say, was used to contact Dean several times prior to her murder. The contacts include a text message sent to Dean asking her to meet at the location where her body would later found. Investigators also claim the Walmart cell phone was geo-located to the crime scene.

Bastrop County Sheriff Terry Pickering declined to comment about the court records. Authorities may also be waiting for forensic lab results before deciding whether or not any charges will be filed.

The name of a third individual has also come up as part of the investigation. Aaron Lamont Williams is currently in the Bastrop County jail charged with retaliation. Williams allegedly threatened a Victims Services Counselor for APD who is also a protected witness in the Samantha Dean case. According to court documents from Bastrop County, Williams is accused of sending a text message to the counselor on February 8th, four days after the body of Dean was found. FOX 7 is with-holding the name of the woman who Williams allegedly threatened.

The message police say they recovered reads in part -- "I (expletive) got her, I am going to get him, and then I am coming for you. I will show you what a crisis is." It is not known who the "him" is that the text was referring to.

Williams supposedly used a pre-paid cell phone that was purchased at a Walmart in Katy.

The court papers do not provide any direct link to the Dean murder which may explain why no other charges have been filed against Williams at this time.