New delivery service comes to Austin with 500+ restaurants already signed up

Food from hundreds of your favorite local and national restaurants, even food trucks are now at your fingertips.  It's called DoorDash, and it comes with 500 plus restaurants already signed up.

Forget the days of Chinese and pizza being the only food option for delivery. Thanks to technology, you can pretty much have anything at your doorstep, even your favorite barbecue. Pascale Massaad is the General Manager for Green Mesquite Barbecue, one of the restaurants signed up, “It's so easy, trust me, it's so easy. It rings like a phone, you tap it. It pulls up the order, it gives you the special instructions for it and there you go,” she said. “It's so much easier because it opens up peoples palettes,  instead of just getting the burgers to go or pizza, you can actually get barbecue they don't have to cook it at home. They don't have to do any of it, we get to all the work for em'” Massaad said.
The company is already delivering to hungry people in 27 other metropolitan cities across the U.S. and Canada, and they have been in Austin for months getting restaurants on board. Karan Lodha is the General Manager for DoorDash in Austin, “You see a list of restaurants, you can pick by cuisine, we have over 500 restaurants available in Austin,” he said.

DoorDash has a website that you can order online, or they have a phone App for Android and iPhones.  “It's very  convenient and very cost effective, if you're ordering a $200 meal it's still just $4.99, if you're buying a one dollar meal it's the same price,” Lodha said. For the first week in Austin, there will be no delivery fee, after that it will be $1 fees, after September it will be the set $4.99.

Many of Austin favorites are already on board such as Green Mesquite, Southside Flying Pizza, and P-Terry's.               Most of the national chains such as McDonalds, and CPK are also signed up.

Austinites from South Congress to the Domain, East Austin to Tarrytown and many neighborhoods in between can use DoorDash, and there’s more to come. “We are always looking to expand and we are going to be covering more and more of Austin months ahead,” Lodha said.

Delivery service is good for those craving barbecue or any other food for that matter and it's been good for business. “It's definitely increased our profit here for getting the deliveries, it helps out a lot,” Massaad said.