New details in SE Austin homicide

We're learning more about a murder at a Southeast Austin apartment complex from over the weekend. A resident spoke with FOX 7 about what they're hearing from management.

Melissa Navarro came home to find a letter from the community manager at Pleasant Hill Apartment Complex. It provides some clarity about a shooting that happened in the parking lot early Sunday morning, leaving one man dead.

The letter says: "a couple of unknown males were driving away from an altercation near Building 4, when several perpetrators were seen approaching the vehicle. One of the perpetrators fired a shot and fatally wounded the driver in the vehicle as it was backing away." The letter goes on to say that as a result, several parked cars were hit.

"It's senseless, it's senseless. They were trying to leave, let them leave, that's how I see it you know. There was no need to surround a vehicle and go to this extreme of using a firearm," said Melissa Navarro, resident, Pleasant Hill Apartments.

Austin Police have identified the victim as 43-year-old Dunieski Castillo-Leyva. Homicide detectives said they are interviewing witnesses and pursuing many leads. They do not believe the public is at risk.

"We know that a quick conclusion to the investigation is always best for the family, it's best for the community, because there's always a lot of questions and concerns and worries," said Sgt. Eric De Los Santos, Homicide Unit, Austin Police Department.

"I have never had any problems with neighbors or anything you know. This is the first incident that I've ever heard that's escalated this much," said Navarro.

Navarro said many children live in the complex, so she's thankful none were hurt. But, she's in tears that someone did lose their life.

"So sad, so sad. My condolences to his family and friends. Now they have to be without a loved one. It's hard for me, I lost my little girl two years ago. That's very sad to hear," said Navarro.

Austin Police said this is the 16th homicide of the year. We're told three remain unsolved, including this recent case.