New perspective in Larry Jackson Jr. case as video surfaces

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Larry Jackson Jr.

We are getting a new perspective on a fatal confrontation between an former Austin Police Department detective and a man he was trying to catch.

Surveillance video from July 26th, 2013 was introduced during a federal court hearing on Thursday.

The video, obtained Friday by FOX 7 from Beck-Redden Law Offices LLP, shows a man identified as Larry Jackson Jr. trying to gain entry into a North Austin bank that had robbed earlier in the day.

After circling the bank and returning to the front door, Jackson Jr. spoke to a teller, who testified that he claimed to be a well-known customer, and wanted money. APD Detective Charles Kleinert was at the bank at the time as part of the earlier robbery investigation and spoke to Jackson Jr. while police were called.

After a brief conversation, Jackson Jr. is seen in the video jumping up and runs away with Kleinert giving chase. Unable to catch up, the detective gets a woman in a green car to help him follow Jackson Jr. to a bridge near 34th Street and Lamar.

That's where Detective Kleinert and Jackson Jr. get into a struggle that ends with Jackson Jr. being shot and killed.

A Travis County Grand Jury indicted Charles Kleinert on a manslaughter charge, which he is now trying to move to federal court.