New statistics show decline in central Texas property crimes

Statistics show crimes against property — including car break-ins — are on the decline in central Texas. In Austin, property crimes are down nearly 10 percent compared to last year.

"I had woken up around seven in the morning to look at my car to go to work, and my car was broken into," said Evelyn Moreno, one car break-in victim.

Evelyn Moreno says she was one of several car break-in victims at her apartment complex in Kyle in July.

"My window was broken into, my ignition was torn off, they left my doors open," Moreno said.

There was nearly $700 in damage done to her Kia Soul, and Kyle police were already aware.

"They had left me a card to call them, they were already on top of it, because there were already cars getting broken into prior," Moreno said.

She says officers were in the area and were able to respond quickly, what she believes is a reason the break-ins are not happening as often.

"The crime has definitely went down around here, because they started patrolling a lot more, fixed some lights around here at night," Moreno said.

Moreno says she has also noticed less car break-ins and more police presence where she works.

"I do work in Austin, and there are a lot of police everywhere," Moreno said.

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According to the monthly crime report released by the Austin Police Department, vehicle burglaries are down 9 percent compared to last year. 

Evelyn says that having more officers on the streets means less crime.

"I don't think it will happen again, they told me to come in and get a wheel lock, so I got that on there and I got my windows fixed and everything," Moreno said.

Kyle police are still searching the suspects responsible for the string of break-ins.