New virtual technology to work from home

Technology is changing the way we are doing business these days and more are more people are trying to adapt to a different dynamic in the workplace.

The latest trend for business professionals is to use virtual technology that allows meetings to take place thousands of miles away.

Whether it's a result of a layoff or a lifestyle choice, people are building at-home businesses and using the same resources they might find with a Fortune 500 company.

Business owner Mike Filsaime developed an online software that allows business owners to streamline their income.

"The scams aren't going away now. They are getting harder and harder for shysters to do what they used to do because they can't hide. People want to do business with people they can see and they can see the authenticity in a person and then they can decide if this is a person do I want to do a journey with in my life to make it better and whether it's personal health or finances."

Business experts estimate that about 45 percent of businesses with more than 50 employees offer some form of flexibility to employees. That flexibility included the ability to move, when and where they work, and reduce their workload.

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