Newly adopted dog saves family from house fire

A dog is being hailed as a hero after alerting his family of a fire at their home last week.

The Elgin family says if it wasn't for their canine sniffing out smoke things could have been a lot worse.

When Laura Smith first adopted her year and half old Pointer Terrier mix Chrome from the Bastrop Animal Shelter she knew right away he's would be a perfect addition.

"It was one of those instant connections he looked up at me with those great big brown eyes and all I could think was I need to take you home," said Smith.

Smith said she never imaged that the very dog she rescued and gave a forever home would in return save her and her family's life. "You know I rescued him and he saved us and that's special," said Smith.

The fire started in the home last Saturday in the early hours.

Smith and her two young boys were fast asleep.

"Something said don't kennel him just keep him in the bedroom with you and I'm glad I did because that's what woke me up if I had kenneled him I wouldn't of known that there was a fire," said Smith.

When Smith awoke and opened her bedroom door she saw a massive fire ripping through. "Across the house I saw flames and I knew Chrome must have woken me up because our house was on fire."

Thankfully, due to Chrome's quick thinking, everyone inside the home survived the fire without injury.

"He helped get the boys out and get them to safety and saved all of us. It's hard to think about," said Smith. The home sustained extensive fire damage and is a complete loss.

Smith said the family loss a lot in the fire including family photos.

"Pictures of my dad who passed away when I was 15 loss a few pictures I was able to recover some pictures," said Smith. But said she's grateful that her family made it out alive.

"But my sons can't be replaced, my dogs can't be replaced and I can't be replaced," said Smith.