Newly released video shows downtown shooting rampage

Newly released video shows a gunman unloading more than a hundred rounds at APD headquarters and the moment an officer fired the fatal shot putting the rampage to an end.
One video clip shows an SUV parking. The man who gets out of it is 49-year-old Larry McQuilliams.

He is armed with a fully automatic AK 47. You can see the muzzle flashes as he shoots at APD headquarters.

The gunfire continues on and off for more than a minute.

Then a single shot can be heard. It came from Sgt. Adam Johnson. He and other mounted patrol officers were wrapping up their shift, about to load the horses into the trailer when the gunfire began.

On Thursday Johnson was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by a grand jury.

He told FOX 7 in March what it was like to be in that situation.

"It's just very surreal," he said. "You see in the news things that happen like the Boston Marathon and other things that happen across the country and it brings it home when it happens in our own backyard, so just awestruck."

McQuilliams also fired rounds at the Mexican consulate, a bank and the federal courthouse.

Officers recovered ammunition, a gun, a gas mask and explosive devices from his vehicle. Explosive devices were also found at the consulate.

The autopsy report shows McQuilliams had the words "let me die" written on his chest. Officers found a suicide note at his home as well as a map with Xs on 30 locations downtown.

Johnson remains with the mounted patrol unit. He says the shooting has forever changed him.

"Big events I think they always change people and make us re-evaluate and see things through new perspective. I'm the kind of guy I try to live my life by the golden rule and try to treat other people the way I would expect them to treat me. Certainly reinforced my faith," he said.