No new evidence after possible human remains search suspended

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office along with the FBI spent the morning digging and searching for possible human remains off of Chapperal Drive in Liberty Hill. This comes after Sheriff Robert Chody said they received a tip mentioning Rachel Cooke.

Cooke vanished more than 15 years ago while running in her Georgetown neighborhood.

“I won’t go into specifics what they said about the crime, they just showed the locations and said ‘Hey this is where I believe the body could be at,’” Sheriff Chody said with the mention of Rachel Cooke’s name, it wasn’t something they were going to take lightly, “We are taking this serious folks, we want to make sure this is not anybody, Rachel Cooke or any of the other cases,” he said.

Sheriff Chody said after they got the call about a month ago, they brought four cadaver dogs to the area, all four alerted to human remains, “Some people may say that’s not reliable, but I felt that we had a duty to go and use all of our resources to make sure,” he said.

Wilco Sheriff’s along with the FBI spent Friday morning digging and searching.

By the end of it they dug a 15 by 20 foot area about 22 inches deep near a creek.

This area is about 20 miles away from the Georgetown neighborhood where Cooke went missing back in 2002. She was last seen by a neighbor jogging.

He mother Janet, said Sheriff Chody called her about this latest tip.

She also said throughout the many years her daughter has been missing, she has received many similar calls. Something Sheriff Chody wanted to remind everyone about if they turned up with no new evidence, “If that was your family member that possibly in Janet’s case or any of the other cases we are dealing with, you would want us to look and check the box and that’s exactly what we are doing,” he said.

They suspended the search around 1pm and confirmed they did not find any new evidence.