Norovirus likely to blame for making more than 100 sick in Round Rock

Last week, Williamson County health officials began investigating after more than 100-people became sick after eating at a sports banquet.

Some of those affected were on the Round Rock High School baseball team. Officials say the Norovirus could be to blame.

On April 30 the team held a banquet at an offsite location. The food was catered from the La Margarita restaurant in Round Rock. The Williamson County and Cities Health district says more than 100 people got sick. Two people who attended the banquet have tested positive for the virus. Another third case has been confirmed from dining inside the restaurant.

"There was at least one infected food handler at La Margarita who went out to the venue on Monday and set up the food, and obviously we still had an infected food handler as late as Tuesday and I personally believe we had someone shedding this virus as late as Wednesday of last week," said John Teel, executive director of Williamson County and Cities Health District.

Symptoms of the Norovirus include vomiting and diarrhea. La Margarita shut its doors for a deep clean last week and have since reopened.