North Austin food truck broken into, tips stolen

Shattered glass, broken locks and an empty tip jar are what food truck owners at Hamilton Food Park in north Austin saw when they returned to work Wednesday morning, according to an owner who wished to remain anonymous.

"I think they did to me the most damage my truck," the food truck owner said.

She said the suspect failed to get into four of the five trucks, but did break their locks and a glass window on the Weladee Thai Kitchen truck, taking a tip jar with nearly $50 in cash and a fan.

"This is my first time, it kind of scared me," she said. "I thought about how I’m going to open today. How I’m going to make money, because I already lost some because people call me, I can't make food, I can't cook. I have to clean up and replace the window and all the stuff."

"It's sad that somebody would feel the need to do this and be mean enough to break other people's property and steal their money," said Harriet McGirr, a Hamilton Food Park customer.

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The McGirr family lives in the area and decided to walk over to the food park. Despite the recent break-in, they plan to return.

"It doesn't frighten me away from here," McGirr said. "I just heard about this, and we are coming tonight to try it out and we will be back. It won't scare us away."

"I hope that cop or what is called law enforcement, they could do something with those people or this guy or sometime, maybe just give us some, what is called, help us, because we have to spend all the money for fixing stuff," the food truck owner said.

The food truck owner just returned from a three-day vacation and says sales are below normal for Wednesday on top of the added break in expenses.

"I didn't make money as I really expected today," the food truck owner said.