North Austin swim instructor teaches community about summer safety

Marty Butler is a swim instructor and paramedic.

She is putting her skills to work, teaching the community the different ways they can stay safe this summer.

"I come across many situations that would have been prevented if people had known the Heimlich maneuver, and they would have been choking, or if people would have done bystander CPR with good compressions," Butler said.

With the kids being out for summer break, Butler invited the community for a summer safety event where they could learn different safety skills for a variety of emergency situations.

"Like active drowning, what that looks like, how we can prevent it," Butler said. "I'm also teaching Heimlich and CPR for choking emergencies. And if someone's just unconscious with no pulse and is not breathing."

During the safety event, community members were able to get hands-on experience practicing CPR.

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Butler says it's important for adults to get familiar with these drills because it can save lives.

"Another thing when it comes to water safety in the pool is when it's really, really busy, it's really important to keep your eyes on your kids, even if they swim on some team," Butler said. "If they get trapped under a floating or anything, it doesn't matter."

Pools are a hot spot this summer. Butler says it's important to follow the pool rules, so you don't risk getting hurt.

"Blackout is one of the big emergencies that we have a lot of kids play," Butler said. "Like, how long can you hold your breath game?  And they can actually pass out underwater."

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under the age of five.  

"Definitely like in the swim lessons, private swim lessons, there are people who come out to your pools and teach swim safety," Butler said. "That's definitely something that I do. Just to keep everyone safe all around."

Butler offers private swim lessons where you can focus on swim safety and swim team development. For more details you can follow her Instagram at @eliteswimsafety.

Another reminder Butler wants to share, when you're out in the heat:

"Stay hydrated and definitely wear your sunscreen even if you want to get a really nice tan because the sun is brutal, especially in Texas," she said.