North Texas couple talks about newfound fame after viral wedding video

A groom and his groomsmen surprised the bride at their McKinney wedding with a choreographed dance. And the video is getting a great reception all over the internet, getting millions of hits.

The groom in the viral video said the dance was originally just something special he put together for his wife. But since it’s blown up online, a lot more people are getting joy out of it, too.

It all started off as a little surprise from Hunter Heinrich to his new bride, Lexi, on their July 9 wedding at Piazza on the Green in McKinney.

“The DJ said we're going to play a game,” recalled Lexi. “And I'm a very organized person. So I was like, ‘Hunter, what is going on right now?’”

Hunter choreographed the dance with the help of his sister. But he credits his groomsmen going all in to pull it together.

“I was a little nervous,” Hunter admitted. “But the second it started going, adrenaline takes over and it was go time.”

The person behind the camera was the couple's wedding photographer, Miranda Marrs Collins, who made a last minute decision to videotape the whole thing rather than take still photos.

“I just wanted to get the look on her face just so they could keep that for themselves,” Miranda said. “And it just got so amazing so fast. I had to keep going with it.”

Miranda posted the video on her photography business Facebook page and instantly became a huge hit.

But the couple is taking their newfound viral fame in stride, saying they're just glad everyone is enjoying the moment as much as they did.

“The fact that people find it fun and are getting to laugh, that's really awesome,” said Hunter.

“It was just him trying to be funny and make our wedding special,” said Lexi. “And now it's literally bringing laughter to so many people. That just makes it so much better.”

Hunter said he had no prior dance experience, but choreographed the dance with his sister and grabbed inspiration from YouTube videos. He and his groomsmen were able to pull it all together in just three hours before the wedding.