North Texas mom receives life-saving liver transplant the day before Mother's Day

A North Texas family is feeling extra grateful this Mother’s Day after their mom received a live-saving liver transplant Saturday night.

The timing could not be more perfect.

They had a setback leading up the transplant, but things quickly turned around, and they are grateful their 65-year-old mom has the gift of life.

Barbara Winn had been struggling with complications from liver cancer, and last year, doctors determined she’d need a transplant.

The grandmother of six was told earlier this week that there was a liver available, but then it fell through, so she went back on the wait list.

But a day later, a new liver became available and she was wheeled in for surgery, and gestured to her husband that she was ready.


Dr. Alejandro Mejia at Methodist Dallas performed the four-hour surgery.

“Overwhelmingly grateful is probably the biggest feeling we have. It’s definitely been a very scary couple of weeks, so this morning, knowing the surgery is behind us and she’s in good hands, just super, super grateful,” Winn’s daughter, Meredith Murray, said.

“It’s humbling. Because we are very grateful there was a match and we could receive this gift, but we also know there is a family out there who is grieving,” Winn’s daughter, Jana Hall, said.

Winn’s daughters, who took the grandkids to the hospital to cheer on their Mimi, said it’s been especially tough not being able to see her in person yet because of COVID-19 regulations restricting visitors.

But they said they understand and look forward to speaking to her as soon possible.

It's still unclear when that will be.

But her daughters said the hardest part is behind them, and they will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.