Number of National Guard Members involved in DPS Border Security Surge continues to dwindle

There are only 200 Texas National Guardsmen who are still taking part in the DPS Border Security Surge.

As many as a thousand were called up for deployment back in June by former Governor Rick Perry.

The mission for guard members is to report illegal activity to Border Patrol agents and to state troopers.

The guard doesnt have arrest powers but they are credited with rescuing people who were drowning while crossing the Rio Grande or who were lost in desolate areas after crossing into Texas.

"I want them to remember we kept Texas safe and also we are human beings and we're Texas citizens and we are there to take care of other people whether they are our citizens or not. Someone in need, immediately need for life or safety, we are going to be there," said Major General John Nichols with the Texas National Guard.

General Nichols tells FOX 7 that the full withdrawal of the guard from the border should be completed by March unless state leaders decided to extend their mission.