Number of people treated for K2 continues to rise

Police believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of the 101 calls for K2 ingestion in the last week there were 118 patients but officials believe more people out there may have symptoms but are not calling 9-1-1.

EMS officials say the synthetic drug is popular among the homeless crowd but it's quickly expanding past the downtown Austin corridor.

At one time, a side effect was anger and violence but EMS says now they're finding K2 users comatose.

What makes authorities so nervous is that the drug is unpredictable and inexpensive. The chemicals in it are different every time and people react to them differently. APD says they have received information that some are even putting raid bug spray in some batches.

No one in Austin has died from using K2 but there is a fear it could happen at any time.

Many of those being treated are not overdosing on the drug. It can affect people after just one dose.