Odessa shooting survivor returns home to Pflugerville

A Pflugerville man who was shot three times during the recent mass shooting in Odessa is finally home with his family. 

August 31st is a day etched into Efe Obayagbona’s memory as it's the day he had to fight for his life to see his family again. It was an emotional reunion. 

“The moment I rang the doorbell and opened the door I just burst into tears and started crying," said Obayagbona. “I couldn't hold it back. I was just thinking about them when the incident happened and it is a miracle, me coming back to see them. It was a miracle. So I praise God for everything.”

After not knowing whether he would even survive the recent mass shooting in Odessa, Obayagbona is finally back home with his family in Pflugerville. 

“Just to have him here is a blessing, just to have the kids say daddy, it's a blessing,” said Ivie Osagie, Obayagbona’s wife.

Obayagbona was shot three times, once in his right hand, once near his left shoulder, and once on his left side piercing his lung. The pain is so intense that just talking poses a challenge. 

“What was going through my head was if anything happens to me, if I have to die, who is going to take care of my kids? I just trust in god, I believe in god, and I’ll try to come home and be with them again,” said Obayagbona.

Obayagbona works as a truck driver. He was traveling on a route he normally takes near Odessa when his big rig was riddled with bullets, his blood now stained on his door. 

“Never in a thousand years I would believe I would be in this situation fighting for my life just driving minding my own business. I guess nobody is safe,” said Obayagbona.

All of this happened while he was still driving. 

“I was able to pull over my truck. The door wasn't opening because of the bullets, so I had to reach (outside through the window),” said Obayagbona.

Obayagbona said he was constantly having to remind himself to stay calm even as he began losing more blood. 

“If I freaked out because of my hand I think I probably would have died in the truck,” said Obayagbona. 

His wife was still in shock. 

“It felt like a dream, I couldn't believe it, I just spoke to him less than 2 hours before,” said Osagie.

Obayagbona spent the next several days following the shooting in a hospital bed. 

“I was happy when I saw my friends. They drove 5 hours down from Austin to come visit me,” said Obayagbona.

Now back home, he said the pain prevents him from doing simple tasks alone like brushing his teeth or taking a shower. 

“I like working, I like doing my own thing but now but now look at me, I can’t do anything for myself it hurts,” said Obayagbona. 

What hurts him the most, is being unable to hold his newborn. 

“I don't want my worst enemy in the situation I am in. It's not a good thing,” said Obayagbona.

Obayagbona said while in the hospital bed he refused to look up or watch anything involving the shooter as it was just too painful. One of the things he does want to do is eventually reach out and thank those good Samaritans who helped him. Right now Obayagbona’s GoFundMe has raised more than $50,000.