‘Oh my gosh!’: Curious golden retriever in Alabama spooks manatees — and herself

"Oh my gosh!" shouted Sage Taylor, as she saw the water surrounding her golden retriever Flip erupt into a splashing frenzy Monday.

A few minutes prior, Taylor and Flip had noticed a herd of about 8-10 manatees swimming in the waters off of Orange Beach, Alabama. However, observing the marine mammals from afar wasn’t enough for Flip.

"She wanted to get a little more action, so she went in the water and scared all of them," Taylor told FOX 10 in Mobile, Alabama.

In a video recorded by Taylor, Flip can be seen gently paddling toward the herd, which were swimming just beneath the water’s surface. As Flip drew nearer the aggregation of marine mammals, the calm blue waters around the golden retriever erupted into a splashing frenzy of startled manatees. Flip immediately turned around and made a beeline back toward the beach.


She was "very shaken up," Taylor told FOX 10.

The experience didn't seem to lessen Flip's love of the water, however. Taylor said the golden retriever was back in the ocean the very next day.

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