Ohio woman allegedly beaten with hammer in front of her twins by former roommate

An Ohio woman was arrested after a road rage incident on Aug. 14 in which she allegedly cut off another woman in traffic before dragging her from her car and beating her with a hammer in front of her twins, police say. 

According to a police report, 27-year-old Jamela Chatman was allegedly discovered to be "bragging" about the assault on her Facebook page. 

Officers responded to the scene at approximately 12:50 p.m. local time. They found an injured Autumn Hines, who had just been allegedly attacked by Chatman. 

Hines told police that Chatman pulled in front of her car, dragged her out of her car and proceeded to punch her several times before striking her in the head with a hammer "an unknown amount of times," according to police. Hines said Chatman fled the scene before police arrived. 

Hines was conscious when police showed up. A police report indicated that she had many scrapes and cuts on her arms as well as lacerations to the top of her head. Hines refused transport to the hospital and said she would take care of the injuries herself.

Her two 5-year-old children were unharmed in the incident. 

Hines explained to police that she had dated Chatman. They had ongoing issues in the past year when they were cohabitating as roommates, according to police. 

Police said a nearby witness showed them Chatman’s Facebook page which contained a video of Chatman allegedly threatening Hines. 

Chatman was later arrested at her home in which officers found a hammer that they believe was used in the alleged attack. 

Chatman was booked into Mahoning County Jail in Youngstown, Ohio on a charge of aggravated robbery. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.