One dead in South Austin multi-car accident

Austin police are investigating a deadly multi-car accident in South Austin. It happened at Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road around 12:30 p.m. and involved nine vehicles. "It's our understanding there were several vehicles stopped at the stoplight or at the intersection pausing, slowing down, stopping at the intersection for the light," says Austin Police Department Lieutenant Keith Walker.

Investigators believe one of the cars had been involved in an accident just north of the intersection, and was traveling southbound shortly before. "Whether that actually was a causative factor? We don't know, it's way too early in the investigation to have this figured out," Lieutenant Walker adds.

Austin Travis County EMS says a woman in her fifties died. They also say they treated at least eight patients, five of them taken to UMC Brackenridge, one patient on the scene refused treatment, another didn't have any injuries.

Lieutenant Walker says the number of cars involved makes the investigation complicated and the traffic light cameras don't record. "We're going to have to speak to all of the witnesses and all of the other drivers who can talk to us and get the puzzle put together."

Manchaca and Slaughter was closed for most of Friday afternoon, but re-opened shortly after rush hour.